Benefits of Plastic Bumpers

June 20,2022

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From the safety point of view, the bumper can play a buffer role in the event of a low-speed collision accident, protecting the front and rear body; From the aspect of appearance, it is decorative and becomes an important part to decorate the appearance of cars; At the same time, the car bumper has a certain aerodynamic effect. The benefits of plastic bumpers are:




Control manufacturing cost and reduce weight


It is undeniable that the original intention of using plastic materials for automobile bumpers is to save costs. Plastic bumper can not only save manufacturing cost, but also be easy to produce. After the cost of making cars is controlled, the price of final products to consumers will be more reasonable.


Modern automobile production has been modular. In addition to the high-strength materials used for the body, many components will use materials that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, easy to form, and easy to repair and replace. It is reported that when the weight of traditional fuel vehicles is reduced by 100kg, the fuel consumption per 100 km will be reduced by 0.3-0.6l, and the CO2 emission will be reduced by 5-8g.


In addition to the front and rear bumpers, some exterior body parts, such as fenders, may also be made of lightweight materials such as plastics. Of course, some top sports cars will also use a large number of carbon fiber materials to replace metal materials on the body. The purpose is very simple: the body is lighter, the braking is faster and safer, and the fuel consumption is more economical.


Bumper transformation to protect pedestrians


The safety of a vehicle does not depend on one part of the bumper, but mainly on the body frame structure. Therefore, in addition to its manufacturing cost, the role of protecting pedestrians is also one of the factors for its use of plastic materials. After all, vehicles can not only ensure their own safety. As a strong player, protecting pedestrians is also one of the factors to be considered for vehicle safety.


If the same car is driven at the same low speed (note that if it is low speed, high speed will be out of the question), and then hit a pedestrian in the front. If you were the one who was hit, would you like the bumper to be metal or plastic?


Due to the material, the plastic bumper is more elastic than the metal and better absorbs the impact energy. In case of collision between vehicles and pedestrians, it is very important to cushion and protect people. If the bumper is replaced with metal, the tragedy is likely to be pedestrians.


Self repair ability of slight collision


In case of slight collision, the plastic bumper has good elasticity and certain impact resistance, that is to say, in case of small bumps, the plastic bumper can automatically rebound and repair. In the past, some Japanese models even took these functions as selling points. For example, there is no damage to the car paint after the collision at the bumper, but there is a small dent. After a certain period of exposure to the high temperature of the sun, some bumpers can be repaired and restored by themselves.


Even if the paint is scraped and rubbed off, the painting cost of plastic bumper will be much cheaper than that of metal bumper repaired by sheet metal!


Better anti-corrosion effect of plastic bumper


We all know that metal is easy to rust when it meets with water and air, which not only affects the appearance, but also has certain potential safety hazards. Automobile bumper is a component prone to collision. If a metal bumper is used, once the car paint is knocked off in the event of collision, the injury shall be treated immediately. If it takes a long time, oxidation reaction will occur, endangering the metal materials of adjacent car paint and bumper. The bumper made of plastic is different. Because it has good corrosion resistance, we don't need to worry about it.


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