Common Materials for Automobile Bumper(1)

June 20,2022

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Pp+epdm-t20 is still the most used material for bumper, which is mainly used for bumper skin and its accessories, as well as bumper system accessories. Pp+epdm+tx: PP is the matrix of the bumper fascia. EPDM can improve the elasticity of the bumper cover, while TX means adding x% talc powder to the material, mainly to improve the rigidity of the bumper cover.


vw amarok golf mk4 r line volvo v70 rear bumper


In addition, installation of load-bearing support requires good dimensional stability and strong mechanical properties, so engineering plastic polyoxymethylene is used. ASA and ABS are the best choices for grille and decorative strip components. They are the best choices in terms of secondary processing, electroplating, spraying, weather resistance and high gloss.


Because the energy absorbing block is a device used for pressure resistance and cushioning, EPP is a high crystalline polymer with excellent performance. It has excellent seismic energy absorption, high recovery rate after deformation, and good heat resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. At present, it is a commonly used material for energy absorbing blocks.


The reinforcing plate is generally made of GMT material or steel beam, which plays a role of cushioning and absorption in the process of low-speed collision and protects the members inside the vehicle.


In addition to the above common materials, pc/abs, PBT and other materials can also be used for the production and manufacture of bumpers.


With the improvement of the requirements of the main engine plant and the development of plastic modification technology, the linear expansion coefficient of the original PP bumper material is too high. In the actual production process, it also shows many unsatisfactory places. The main engine factory puts forward the requirements of zero segment difference and high dimensional stability. Therefore, new materials are also constantly applied to the manufacture of bumpers.


At present, the new materials used in bumpers mainly include TPO (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl diphenylphosphine oxide), pp/glass fiber (glass fiber reinforced polypropylene), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PBT composites, etc.


TPO material


The material manufacturer has developed TPO material with mineral filler to meet the requirements of bumper market. The characteristic of this kind of material is that by adding minerals with sheet structure, the linear expansion coefficient of the material can be reduced, the bending modulus and strength of the material can be improved, and the shrinkage of the material can be reduced. The wall thickness of the bumper produced can be reduced to 3 ~ 4 mm.


TPO has mild touch, easy coloring, good chemical resistance, good tensile strength and elongation at break, strong electrical insulation and skid resistance, and excellent wear resistance and weather resistance. In the TPO molecule, a large number of highly crosslinked rubber particles are in dispersed structure, and a small amount of plastic phase structure is coated around the rubber particles to form a continuous phase, which makes TPO not only have the high elasticity of vulcanized rubber, but also have the thermoplastic fluidity and processability of plastic materials.


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