Development and Evolution of Bumper(2)

June 20,2022

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The concept of buffer and energy absorption began to receive attention. In order to make up for the "softness" of the plastic bumper, the internal components of the bumper - the Crash beam and energy absorption box began to appear gradually, which played all the roles of energy absorption. The plastic shell outside was mainly responsible for being "beautiful as flowers". At the same time, the independent buffer and energy absorption structure significantly improve the performance of the bumper. Of course, the so-called energy absorption does not stand up in the collision and uses "life" to protect the passengers in the car. The function of the energy absorption inner structure is to reduce the damage to body parts (such as lamps, boot covers, etc.) in low-speed collisions, so as to reduce the maintenance cost.




As the bumper has become much more complex, the safety regulations of various countries have also begun to make their own requirements for the vehicle bumper. For example, in North America, insurance companies do not provide compensation for vulnerable parts such as lamps. Therefore, American law requires that vehicles sold locally must be equipped with crash beams, which is also adopted in China. In Japan, the insurance company pays compensation for vulnerable parts, and the average speed on the road in Japan exceeds the range in which the anti-collision beam plays its role. In addition, the Japanese regulations do not require the car factory to install the anti-collision beam. Therefore, there are many cases where the same car has two kinds of bumpers: long and short. Fit is a typical example.


Nowadays, many cars have no independent front bumper, and it is more and more common that there is only one big face except for two lights in the front of the car. The air intake grille, water tank grille, fog lamp and other components of most new cars are integrated with the bumper. They are also "coordinated" in terms of visual effects, which are related to show the design style of the front of the car. Some extreme models even directly cancel the rear bumper, such as Honda stepwgn.


Bumper materials are also more abundant. The combination of plastic and metal is common in high-end cars. However, in terms of function, in addition to its original shape, air force and energy absorption, today's bumper also has a purpose to carry other hardware. Components such as radar, headlight cleaning and even camera are installed on the vehicle with bumper as "tray".


Will the bumper disappear? Of course not. However, it can be predicted that with the development of the bumper, the independent identity of this part from the perspective of modeling design will gradually fade away, and it may be more appropriate to call the "front bar" as the "front face" in the future. In terms of function, it plays an irreplaceable role, and with the development of vehicle intelligence, the bearing role of bumper will become more and more important.


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