Pros and Cons of Side Skirts & Side Spoilers

June 20,2022

r32 gtst integra type r m side skirts

Auto body kits that include items such as side skirts and/or side spoilers are additions to a car that car enthusiasts seek out for many different reasons. Whether it’s the customisation aspect that you’re after — something that makes yours look little different from the other models in its class — or the performance aspect (or both), there are plenty of reasons to consider when you’re looking to add a car side spoiler or side skirt.


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What is a side skirt?


Side skirts are the trim panels that are attached to each side of the car just beneath the driver’s and passenger-side doors, offering both protection and increasing aerodynamic performance. Air that moves in from the sides to the underneath of the car (to the chassis) can disrupt the low-pressure front. Side skirts help prevent this from happening, so the closer they are to the ground, the better they work!


What is the difference between side skirts and side spoilers?


Side spoilers work in a very similar way, helping the vehicle maintain traction at high speeds. Fast driving results in air pressure that naturally wants to lift the car from the ground. Side skirts and side spoilers are designed to help the car grip better, which means better control and a safer driving experience.




Subaru’s safety innovations are second to none! With our Pre-Collision Braking System and Pre-Collision Throttle Management, you’re already in safe hands. But did you know that there’s a safety aspect to side skirts and side spoilers too, which work to improve braking stability as well? The increased downforce and traction translates for a better braking ability as well. Add that to your Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) System and its lower positioned Boxer® engine, and you and your precious cargo are in for an exhilarating, extremely safe driving experience!


How are side skirts installed?


While we recommend professional installation for body kits and parts, installing side skirts is a relatively easy process. First, make sure you have the relevant, proper safety equipment so as to avoid any potential harm to both yourself and your beautiful Subaru. Remember that installation of some side skirts may require the wheels to be off, so you’ll want to be ready with your lift or jack stands.


  • Mock up the placement of the side skirt to confirm that it is going to line-up and install properly.
  • Install the side skirt using screws on each end at the point that it wraps around the wheel well. This is the part where you might need to lift the car and take the wheels off.
  • There are additional places to secure the side skirt depending on each individual style and application. Some might require screws on the factory rocker panels, the actual door jamb or anywhere else that is not visible when you have the doors closed. Some side skirts will have concave indentations for using rivets and filled after with body filler.
  • After completing installation check door clearances.


You will naturally want the most snug fit that works well with the cosmetic allure of your Subaru, but universal side skirts are known for their adaptability and readiness to fit any car. While all parts and instructions are used and installed at your own risk, we’d be happy to discuss your body kit needs and fitment with you.




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