Something You Should Know about Side Skirts

June 20,2022

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History of Side Skirts


The first time that ground effects were used in Formula One racing was in the 1970s by Colin Chapman, a Lotus designer. The Cosworth teams wanted to find a solution to close the gap in engine performance when compared to the wealthier F1 manufacturers.


The reason it was first referred to as “ground effects” was to illustrate the sucking effect that occurred underneath the F1 vehicle. They were basically glued to the track because of the new design. This offered them a unique design and insane cornering speeds.


F1 engineers created the ground effect with some simple principles. The high pressure above the car would create a force that pushed the car down, as long as the high pressure didn’t make its way under the body. Their design featured inverted airfoils which allowed the air flowing into the underbody to accelerate between the ground and the car. This is what created the low-pressure sucking area.


This design in itself wasn’t enough to create the ground effect because the air was still running in from the sides, which destroyed the vacuum effect. That’s when the Lotus engineers fitted their cars with side skirts for the first time. They were initially constructed from flexible plastic or brushes, but the most durable design was made from rubber.


The first car they implemented the design on was the Lotus 78 in the 1977 Argentine Grand Prix. Despite their best efforts, they did face some difficulties. One of the worst was how there was additional drag caused by the airflow and large rear wing. Every second they gained through the corners was lost on the straightaways.


Eventually, they built a quality design and the FIA introduced a flat underside while banning the use of side skirts entirely in the F1 cars.


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