Something You should Know about Automobile Bumper

June 20,2022

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Automobile bumper is a safety device that absorbs and slows down the external impact force and protects the front and rear parts of the car body.




Function of bumper


In fact, the function of the bumper we often say is not really for "insurance", because the real stress in the accident is the anti-collision beam and energy absorption box inside the bumper, or the structural design of the frame to resolve the impact force generated by the impact, not the strength of a bumper to block the external force. However, the bumper we often call "surround" is more appropriate.


What is the real function of the bumper (hereinafter referred to as surround)?


  1. Aesthetics


To put it bluntly, surrounding is to wrap up the lower part of the front face of the car. The designer should ensure that its shape design can be unified with the overall style of the car. Of course, some of the front and back surrounds as refitted parts are to be different and show their unique side.


  1. Reduce wind resistance


The design of passenger cars should not only reduce the wind resistance coefficient, but also ensure that the car has sufficient downforce. These two points also need to be considered in the design of enclosure, and the air can flow smoothly through the surface features.


  1. Buffer energy absorption


The front and back of the car are often rubbed in daily use, so it also plays a role in cushioning and energy absorption.


Materials surrounded by most passenger cars today


According to the function of surrounding, almost all models today use plastic or FRP to make the front and rear surrounding. Because the forming of FRP is difficult and the profile characteristics of cars are complex, the vast majority of cars will be surrounded by plastic.


Why are car bumpers made of plastic?


  1. Pedestrian protection in an accident


Plastic can deform greatly when it collides with pedestrians, and its strength is much lower than that of metal, so as to reduce the injury to pedestrians.


  1. Plastic will not rust and corrode easily


If it is surrounded by metal, the internal metal is easy to rust after the surface paint is damaged. But plastic materials can avoid rust and corrosion.


  1. Lightweight


If the enclosure is made of metal, it will also increase a lot of vehicle weight, which will affect fuel consumption, acceleration performance and even braking distance.


  1. Cost considerations


The manufacturing cost of plastics is lower than that of metal materials because it is easier to form. At the same time, the price of replacement and maintenance is also lower.


  1. Automatic repair function


The surrounding is often rubbed in daily life, while the plastic material has a certain buffer and energy absorption effect, and has the ability to restore the original shape. Just pour some hot water.


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