Why are Car Bumpers Plastic?

June 20,2022

eag full width e93 m sport front bumper

I believe all friends who know about cars know that the front bumper of cars is almost plastic. Many people don't understand that the bumper is not a safety device to protect the front and rear of the car body. Why is it plastic? Well, this is really a problem. Why are the bumpers made of plastic instead of steel and iron, with high hardness?




First of all, you should know what the bumper is, but don't be taken away. The bumper is the "skin" outside the crash beam; Its function is good-looking. The second is cushioning. In case of a collision at the front of the vehicle, the first buffer barrier is the bumper, the second is the foam, and the last is the anti-collision beam. The reason why the bumper is plastic and not hard enough is very simple.


The plastic bumper shell is what we often call the front bumper. The front bumper consists of the plastic bumper shell, the front anti-collision beam, the left and right energy absorption boxes and other installation parts.


Protection principle of bumper


The front bumper distributes the impact force to the energy absorption boxes on both sides, and then transfers it to the left and right front longitudinal beams, and then to other body structures. The rear is impacted, and the rear bumper transmits the impact force to the energy absorption boxes on both sides, then to the left and right rear longitudinal beams, and then to other body structures.


The low-strength impact bumper can cope with it, while the high-strength impact bumper plays a role in dispersing and buffering the power transmission, and finally transmits it to other structures of the car body, and then resists it by the strength of the car body structure.


Why is the bumper plastic?


Most countries have an automobile safety regulation: "pedestrians shall be given priority protection in the case of low-speed collision!" Plastic has better elasticity than metal, can better absorb impact, and can buffer and protect pedestrians in low-speed collision and collision. Moreover, in the case of small bumps, the plastic bumper can automatically rebound and repair. In addition, plastic is lighter than metal, with better anti-corrosion effect and lower manufacturing and maintenance costs.


The lower the bumper, the higher the maintenance cost


According to the IIHS test, the height of the bumper directly affects the later maintenance cost. According to the IIHS report, the higher the bumper design, the lower the maintenance cost. Because the bumper of many cars is designed to be very low, it can not play a buffer role when it collides with SUV and pickup truck, and other parts of the vehicle are also seriously damaged.


What is the difference between bumper and bumper?


The anti-collision beam is used to strengthen the structure of the vehicle, so as to improve the anti-collision resistance in case of side impact, so as to improve the safety of the side. Protect the personnel in the vehicle, protect the engine and other main components. The front and rear anti-collision beams of the automobile are generally arranged behind the bumper, and the side anti-collision beams are generally arranged inside the door structure.


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