Body Kit

2013 2014 honda accord 350z 370z front bumper

The so-called Car surround is: front and rear large encirclement and small encirclement, side skirt, tail wing, etc., large encirclement is the whole bumper assembly.  

Now the main materials of the popular large enveloping kit are the following four kinds:  


Glass fiber material this kind of product is the most common, the style chooses much more, the price is cheaper, but the weight is big toughness is bad, if occurrence brushstroke is easy to break.  


ABS plastic products are thin because they are shaped by vacuum blister, so this kind of material can not be used for the bumper section, but can only be used for the lip section.  

Synthetic resin material this kind of material shrinkage is smaller, toughness is better, heat resistance is not deformed, so the product surface is smooth, the price is relatively high.  


Polyester plastic such products are high pressure injection molding, has high flexibility and strength, the price is higher, because most of the original bumper of the car is also made of polyester plastic, the same material and the body of the body is also the best fit, long life.